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DEAR JULIAN – Questions, Let’s Go!

questions, let's go

The camera dicks at SwearNet are getting ready to shoot some more episodes of Dear Julian!

We got the rum, got the mix, got the cubes, got the muscles, there’s just one fucking problem.  We’re out of questions!  Write your shit in the comment section below!

Remember, Julian has been doing this show for almost two years now so he has seen it all.  The SwearNet dicks will pick out the best, most unique questions… Jules has answered a thousand fucking questions about “pacing yourself on rum all day,” so try to make er original and we’ll be sure to pass your Q onto the man himself.

Questions, let’s go!


Send Us Your Fucking Questions

Dear Julian needs your questions

Alright dickheads, we want more questions for upcoming episodes of Dear Julian.

Since we started the second season, Bubbles and Ricky seem to have found their way onto the set.  Julian doesn’t want them around all the fucking time, it’s still called DEAR JULIAN for fuck sakes, but you never know when they might show up.  So include questions for those two shit weasels too if it tickles your fucking fancy!

Trying to figure out how to fuck over the tax man this tax season?

Want to learn how to roll the perfect six-paper joint?

Can’t stop your kitty from humping your fucking leg?

Comment below!

DEAR JULIAN: Send Us Your Fucking Problems!

Get Julian's advice!

The SwearNet studio dicks picked up a bottle of rum, a bit of mix, and the ice is in the freezer.  We’re bringing Julian back in for another round of Dear Julian, and we need your fucking questions!

Write your problems in the comment section of this blog post and we’ll choose the best ones and send them to the Muscles.  If you use his advice, that’s fine. But if you don’t, he really doesn’t give a fuck.