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Countdown to Trailer Park Boys Season 9!

Randy welcomes you back to Sunnyvale

Welcome back to Sunnyvale Trailer Park, fuckers! Season 9 of Trailer Park Boys is coming to Netflix this Friday, and we’ve got some awesome shit lined up for you in the meantime!

On Wednesday we launch a new contest right the fuck here at SwearBlog – submit a photo of your TPB9 viewing party and you could win a call with the Boys!

And the World Pipe comes to Sunnyvale on Friday, when Ricky, Julian and Bubbles hold their first Reddit “Ask Me Anything”! More news coming soon….

Trailer Park Boys fan art!

Trailer Park Boys fan artA new Trailer Park Boys fan posted this on Reddit earlier. Fucking awesome job there, Hersheyzombie!
Have you created any amazing TPB or SwearNet artwork you’d like featured at SwearBlog? Tweet us @SWEARNET and you might just see it here…