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New at swearnet.com: Sunday sermon with Rev. Ricky Brown

Rev. Ricky Brown at swearnet.comAAAAAAAmuthafuckinMENNNN – Rev. Ricky Brown is back with a new sermon at swearnet.com!

After spending forty days and forty nights in… hey, it don’t matter where the fuck he’s been, he’s returned to save yo sorry asses from the Devil! Ricky also listens to SwearNet fans’ sinful confessions, and recites some spiritual nursery rhymes for the kiddies.


New swearnet.com site is LIVE!!

Swearnet.com, home of the Trailer Park Boys is live

The new swearnet.com site is now LIVE! Check it the fuck out and let us know what you think of our awesome new look. If you haven’t subscribed yet we suggest you do it now, we’ve got a fuck-ton of exclusive Trailer Park Boys videos you won’t find anywhere else, plus some hilarious shit from some of your favourite TPB stars including John Dunsworth, Pat Roach and Sam Tarasco!

You can now watch previews of FOUR amazing new shows, including Liquor Stories With James Lahey, Ricky Brown’s Upliftment Hour, Playing Space With Bubbles… and exclusive to swearnet.com, Trailer Park Boys 8.5!