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New on swearnet.com – German Humour is the Best

Robb, JP and Mike get a dirty package from Germany!

JP, Robb, and Mike receive their first-ever package from Germany on today’s episode of Mailbag, and holy fuck is it a doozy!

The package from Deutschland is dirty as fuck – it contains a number of sex toys for the Boys as well as something for Lucy’s “ass pussy”.

The Boys hear from regular contributor Rudi, a book of Jewish Comedy from New York, and a letter all the way from Bedford, Nova Scotia (which is a few minutes down the fucking highway from SwearNet Studios).

PLUS: The Boys get some DECENT t-shirts and hats from the dicks at Maritime Grime!

New on swearnet.com – Rudi Invades the Mailbag

For this episode of Mailbag, the Boys are extra baked — and that’s saying something.

In Episode 10 – “The Rudi Episode” – the Boys continue to receive a seemingly never-ending supply of mail from the ever-generous superfan known as Rudi.  JP and Robb are wearing shirts that they already received from Rudi, but more material is on the way, including a country-western necklace for Trinity.  Rudi even makes a suggestion on how to shoot Podcast Episode 100, and his idea about shooting in a different location with lots of cast and crew celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday was actually exactly what we fucking well did for Podcast Episode 100.

Intrigued by Rudi’s devotion to all things Trailer Park Boys, Mike decides to put on his detective cap and makes a phone call to see if he can discover some information about the superfan.

PLUS: The Boys learn about a jam shed, Robb gets some DECENT Ricky, and JP receives the gift of Swayze.

New on swearnet.com – Robb, JP, and Christine

The Boys are sitting in the mailbag

The Mailbag is back, mother fuckers!  After wrapping Season 12, the Boys are back in the sack.

We’re not sure if the theme of this episode is “fan art” or “the big fuckin Mike Smith gift hour”, because there was a lot of art, but also a lot of shit for Smith.

But don’t worry about JP and Robb – Mailbag MVP Rudi has them covered, and more.  He played a big part in the “Help Us Decorate Sunnyvale” contest, and he doesn’t seem to be ready to quit anytime soon.

PLUS: What in the fuck is with the horse-cock load-bag?!