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New on swearnet.com – Two Hungover Idiots


Dear Julian is back, this time with a special, VERY HUNGOVER guest!

Ricky joins Julian for the latest episode of Dear Julian, and holy fuck, they are coming off a massive bender.  While drinking through their hangover, the Boys answer questions about classic cars, dealing with dicks, hockey fights, and crazy fucking salvia.

If YOU have some questions for Dear Julian about the Christmas holidays, click here to submit them!

NEW on swearnet.com: Doodle Dicker’d on Salvia

Doodle smokes salvia

Well this has shitstorm written all over it!  On the latest episode of Dicker’d Up with Pug, Doodle has a toke of the dirty ol salvia and attempts to go on a scooter romp.

How many laps around the farm will he complete?  Exactly how dicker’d will he get?  Will the scooter lift off into psychedelic outer fuckin space?!   Watch and find out!