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New on swearnet.com – Dream a Little Liquor Dream of Me

Lahey answers a call during a late-night Liquor Stories taping

The latest episode of Liquor Stories with James Lahey is a journey so deep into Lahey’s liquor brain that you may fear you will never return to your normal life.

After having a late-night “epissany,” Lahey wakes from a deep sleep and decides he needs to rush to SwearNet studios to record a late-night Liquor Stories to impart a mountain of shit-knowledge on the SwearNet audience.

No Chipper, no problem, Lahey can operate his own camera. He proceeds to launch into a dimly-lit magnum shit-opus of epic proportions. Old Man Liquor offers rules to live by, and his unstoppable train of thought is only interrupted twice – once for a phone call, and once for a mean fuckin’ swig of Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky.

New at swearnet.com: Ask Me Fucking Anything with Lahey – Part 2!

Lahey is into the liquor

A bottle of Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky is no match for Lahey, the Ol’ Drunk Canadian Bastard.

In Part Two of Lahey’s Ask Me Fucking Anything, we go down the rabbit shit hole.  Learn about Lahey’s views on adoption, and listen to him reminisce about his fondest memories.  And so much fucking more!

Trailer Park Boys Season 11 On Set – Ask Lahey Fucking Anything!

Aks Jim Lahey Fucking Anything at SwearNet!

Sunnyvale’s resident Shit Wizard, Jim Lahey, is ready to answer your questions for the next Ask Me Fucking Anything!

Wanna know Lahey’s opinions on world events, politics, art, music, or liquor? Post your questions in the comments section below, and watch out for his responses at swearnet.com in the coming weeks.

Good luck, shitsters!


New at swearnet: Offworld Cookery’s ancient shit soup

Offworld Cookery shit soup at swearnet.comIt’s the final episode in the first FUCKED season of Offworld Cookery at SwearNet! This week: feast like a fucking barbarian in Ancient Britain, and learn how to make goat leg stew and shit soup. Yum fucking yum!

What culinary crap would you like to see the Offworld Cookery morons attempt to make in future episodes? Let us know!