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New on swearnet.com – SwearNet Scab Eater


Well this one is absolutely FUCKED.

On the latest episode of Dicker’d Up with Pug, Robis is challenged to eat a dirty skusting scab from Doodle’s leg in exchange for injectable hash.  Yep, you read that cocksucker correctly – a fucking scab from Doodle’s leg, for hash that comes in needle form.  Holy fuck.

This one is so fucked that Pug himself is nauseated.  FUCK!

New on swearnet.com – What Would You Do for a Cigrit?


Ever wonder how much shit a guy will eat for a couple of cigrits?  On the latest Dicker’d Up with Pug, we find out!

Pug lays out an assorted (and fucking mysterious) array of shit for everyone to eat, with the winner earning about as many smokes as Ricky gets by snapping his fingers around Cory.  It’s a battle of guts and gags with six of Inwood’s finest — who will take the crown?!

Plus – we get a glimpse at a game of “Cock in the Corn Hole” and Pug’s parents arrive at the compound!