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New on swearnet.com – Holy Popcorn

Ricky welcomes the holy spirit of Santa Jesus God on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast!

Worrying that there’s not enough religion in the world, Ricky sets up a shrine and pops a bag of “holy popcorn” in an attempt to curry favour with “the big guy” upstairs.  He even says that he’d drink toilet water if it would mean salvation.

The Boys also discuss all things 2018 Olympics, including the French wardrobe malfunction, the Hungarian bullshit skier, and the shocking amount of condoms handed out in the Olympic village.

PLUS: It’s the big dirty return of Sunnyvale Jeopardy!

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New on swearnet.com – Do Ghosts Exist, and Do They Bang People?


The Boys (well, Ricky and his blowtorch) kick of March, the “month of fire”, with a supernatural episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.

After somehow stumbling into a conversation about “sex ghosts” that bang humans, Bubbles skeptically invites any ghost of any gender and any sexual orientation to come into his shed at night and bang him.  This, despite clear evidence from Ricky and Julian that sex ghosts are real (including a real-life story about Bobby Brown banging a ghost).

The Boys also celebrate the birthday of Stompin’ Tom Connors, try to figure out the best ways to remove dead cockroaches from one’s ear, and question whether or not Bubbles has the hacking skills to fuck over the bank accounts of major oil companies.

PLUS: Ricky and Julian dust off their Jeopardy buzzers and have an epic showdown in a category they love: LIQUOR!  Stakes are high — the loser must take Randy out to dinner!

Episode 83 is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com and APRIL fuckin’ WINE!

New on swearnet.com – Plane Crashes and Penises

Ricky celebrates a Sunnyvale Jeopardy victory

The Boys are so fucking baked for the latest installment of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast that they seem to have time travelled because they think it’s episode 80, when it’s actually just 79.

This very stoned podcash episode features several uncontrollable laughing fits, which Ricky claims can be fixed by smashing something.  As it’s the anniversary of “The Day the Music Died,” the Boys reminisce on the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper (which Julian correctly points out, is a fucking downer of a topic to discuss while high).  The discussion gets even more fucked when we learn that Ricky completely made up his own back story to Don McLean’s American Pie, which Ricky assumed was a collaboration between Ron MacLean and Don Cherry of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

The Boys also chat about the biggest cock in the world, eyeball licking, and dirty Japanese underwear, among other fucky topics.

PLUS: The Boys dust off the buzzers for a quick game of Sunnyvale Jeopardy!

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New on swearnet.com – The Best Shitty Beer Ever Made

beer-podcast-splashTrailer Park Boys: Freedom 35 is so fucking close, the Boys can taste it!  Literally!

On this week’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, the Boys taste samples of their beer that will hit the shelves in spring 2017!  They are joined by Claude Lefebvre of North American Craft, the fuckers who are responsible for making this beer a reality.  Claude brought along Paul Dickey, Canada’s only Grand Master Certified Beer Judge – this guy is to beer what Ricky is to dope.

The Boys also play a bit of Sunnyvale Jeopardy and wish Owen Wilson a happy birthday.  Just because he had his nose broken, does that make him a dick?!

Episode 68 is brought to you by the Official Trailer Park Boys Store, and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!