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New on swearnet.com – The Cocktale Hour pt. 4


In the latest from Cheap SmokesSvetlana and Vivian are back on the couch for another Cocktail Hour!

Mix yourself a Screaming Orgasm and sit back and enjoy as the two former porn stars talk about the ins-and-outs of a bloody good hand job, ferret sexuality, and Vivian’s horny father.  Plus: is it ok for your dog to watch you banging?  Furthermore – is it ok to bang your dog?

If you’re a Cocktail Hour virgin, get caught up by watching part 1, part 2, and part 3.  And if you’re already a fan, why not go back for sloppy seconds?


New on swearnet.com – The Coke… er… Cocktale Hour is Back!

Svetlana and Vivian are answering your sex questionsThe Cocktale Hour is back and Vivian and Svetlana are taking YOUR sex questions!  And who better to answer, than a couple of Eastern-European ex-porn stars?  They’ve seen and done and had-done-to-them everything under the sun!

Vivian also shares some stories about her affinity for wildlife, and Svetlana shares similar stories about her affinity for Vivian’s family.

This latest instalment of Cheap Smokes is brought to you by a couple of dirty Slippery Nipples and excessive amounts of cocaine!

New on swearnet.com: The Morning Show Has Fallen to Shit

These girls are fucked

Fifty bucks.  That’s how much the operating budget was for The Morning Show, which eventually changed to Top of the Afternoon to You!, because the girls couldn’t get out of fucking bed on time.

That fifty bucks is all gone now, and then some, and the show has crumbled to Top O’ the After-Oon to Ya!, because the goddamn cheap letters keep falling off the wall.

But the ladies are in luck – they have enough MOM WINE (now with tequila) to drink away their sorrows in style.  Plus – we get a fashion tutorial on zombie makeup, and a stoned review of Deep Throat!

New at swearnet.com: The Cocktale Hour Part 2

CS - Cocktale Hour pt2

Svetlana and Vivian, your two favourite Euro-sluts, are back with another Cocktale Hour!  This week’s topic: Sex on the Beach, both the drink, and the act of actually banging on the beach (which both Svetlana and Vivian have done many, MANY times… greasy).  They also present the Sex Fact of the Day and answer viewer questions.  PLUS:  Vivian shares a fucking terrifying story about a trip to the park.

Be sure to leave your questions in the comment section for future instalments of the Cocktale Hour!