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Caption this and win a free month of SwearNet!

Contest time, fuckers!! Caption this shot from the awesome Targa Newfoundland documentary, now airing at SwearNet.com. What the fuck is Robb saying to JP? Or JP saying to Robb? We don’t fucking know, that’s why we’re asking you!!

The winner gets a FREE MONTH of SwearNet access (if you’re already a member we’ll add it on to your subscription!) Post your caption in the comments section, and we’ll announce the winner when we can be fucked. Good luck, turtle jerkers!

New at swearnet.com – Wonderful, Delightful, Tremendous Shit

Irish fans – can you help Mike the fuck out?! Today on Mailbag, the Boys get a colourful Irish language lesson but we’ve no idea how to fucking pronounce the words!!

Also: Tasty weed, not-fucking-around popcorn, and another ‘surprise’ package from some mystery cocksucker in New York!

Watch it now at swearnet.com… or focáil leat!

New at swearnet.com – Drink a Quart and Piss Blood

Holy flyin’ horsecocks, we’ve reached the big 1-5-0 Trailer Park Boys podcast!! This week, Ricky has a mouthful of highly concentrated laundry detergent, Julian announces his greasy new pot deal, and Bubbles myth-busts Julian’s latest scam. Just another normal fucking day in Sunnyvale!

You can listen to the Trailer Park Boys Podcast from Monday on iTunes, Spotify, and Libsyn!



New at swearnet.com – Stanley Cup Thursday Edition!


Trailer Park Boys Podcast episode 147

No, we haven’t got the date fucked up, it’s the THURSDAY Stanley Cup Edition of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast! Forget the fucking Julianator, the Boys brainstorm some new greasy Julian-flavoured merch, and Ricky also has reason to believe that there will be 25 hours in the day SOON. Plus: why are peacocks fucking dumb?!


You can listen to the Trailer Park Boys Podcast later today on iTunes, Spotify, and Libsyn!

New at swearnet.com – Got Gooed, Bud!


On today’s messy edition of Mailbag, the Boys wrangle with fuck-ton of word papers, and get a bunch of delicious shit-nacks and an awesome Lahey tribute. Plus: JP gets showered in Mike’s silly load!

Got some awesome shit you want to send to the Boys (though not literally shit, we’ve got enough of that…) Send it to:


Attn: Mailbag
Swearnet.com Incorporated
PO Box 38072 Burnside
Dartmouth NS B3B 1X2

Will your package contain perishable items or something that will stink to high fuck if we leave it in the Mailbag too long? For fuck’s sake write a warning on the side of the box!


New at swearnet.com – Fucking with the Fishes on Mailbag!

On today’s hotboxy-poprocksy-fishy-fuckery edition of Mailbag: A man claiming to be Bubbles’ long-lost father shows off his many talents, JP has a prescription from Dr. Ivana Feelgood, Robb gets a gift from a shark wrestler, and the boys all get their lips around Pat’s tasty nuts! Also: NAKED LADIES!

New on swearnet.com – Free Donairs on Mailbag!

Dicks and Donairs in Mailbag!

It’s like fuckin’ Christmas in April as the Boys unwrap some more amazing (and fancily-wrapped) shit on today’s episode of Mailbag! Gifts include a greasy gift from King of Donair, some sneaky snaps of Paul McCartney, and awesome photographic art! They also attempt to track down the sender of the Dick In A Box…


New at swearnet.com – We Didn’t Fucking Ask You Anything with Pat Roach

On today’s episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show, Pat decides to ask himself some questions and spill the beans about working at SwearNet. Who makes him burgers? Who’s a greasy fucking liar? Who’s always stoned as fuck? Also: learn some useless bird facts!


And don’t forget to tune into the Trailer Park Boys Podcast tomorrow when Bubbles’ special guest will be revealed!!

New on swearnet.com – A Solid Day’s Work

Pat Roach eats his lunch

Pat Roach is putting in a solid day’s work on the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show!

“Mr. Positivity” has just a few more finishing touches to put on his personal workout room, and he’s soon ready to put the equipment to the test.  But first – there’s lunch.

Get caught up on the last couple of episodes – Pat wants to keep his cool and get out of a funk, but can he keep a lid on all of that inner fucking rage?