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New on swearnet.com – Sweet and Cunty Peanuts

The Boys receive a wood burning

The Boys encounter some spicy nuts and cock-shaped plants on the latest episode of Mailbag, also known as the Autograph Show!   Just don’t tell Mike we wrote that.

Robb, JP, and Mike receive a DECENT woodburning that has already been signed by the legendary John Dunsworth, with the artist hoping that the Boys will add their John Hancocks to it.  Speaking of burning, they open a package from a US Army veteran that contains extremely spicy peanuts and beef.  The vet served in Iraq and the Boys express their gratitude for his bravery.

PLUS: The Boys receive a bunch of “happy balls” and they have conflicting opinions as to how to use them!

New at swearnet.com: What in the Name of Fuck are These?!

Mailbag with Robb, JP and MikeNew at SwearNet: It’s time for your favourite getting-free-shit-in-the-mail-and-showing-it-to-everyone show, Mailbag!

This week, JP gets a pair greasy new underpants, Mike has some kitty balls for Bubbles’ shed, and there’s more candy than you can shake a sword at!


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