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Holy flyin’ #$%&! – swearing ban hits Alberta town

No fucking swearing!What in the FUCK?!?! The town of Taber, Alberta, has banned swearing in public. Swearists caught uttering fucked-up profanities could be slapped with a fine!

Let’s help the poor residents of Taber out and come up with some non-swearing swearwords! Your suggestions so far:

  • Cunderthunt
  • Muckin’ futch
  • Chuck my taber
  • Fupp off
  • Nuckin’ futs
  • Pottle-deep hedge pig
  • Forking icehole
  • Buck futter
  • Cork soakers
  • Shucking fit
  • Cupid stunt
  • Corn sucker
  • Fuddermucker
  • Cuddle muncher
  • Toad poker


Check out the full story here: http://metronews.ca/news/calgary/1307772/embarrassing-new-bylaw-in-taber-alberta-outlaws-swearing-restricts-public-assembly/