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New at swearnet.com: TPB 8.5 – the final webisode!

Trailer Park Boys 8.5 final webisodeToday at swearnet.com, we have the final Trailer Park Boys 8.5 webisode! Bubbles is worried about new developments in the park – what the fuck is happening to Sunnyvale? Ricky and Julian go in front of the parole board and reveal their plans for a crime-free future. And who will finally be declared Pong champion?

Find out what happens next on Friday March 27, when Trailer Park Boys Season 9 launches on Netflix!

New at swearnet.com: TPB8.5 – You Can’t Go To Jail When You’re In Jail

Trailer Park Boys 8.5 on SwearnetGet ready for Trailer Park Boys S9 on March 27 with more TPB 8.5 fuckery!

In this week’s webisode, Bubbles is back in the park and working on a new business; Julian is trying out his psychological tricks; Ricky wants to make a new start with his family. And Lahey is working on some BIG fucking plans…