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Trailer Park Boys 8.5 – Part 1 now on YouTube!

Have you been watching our Trailer Park Boys 8.5 webisodes on SwearNet? Part 1 of the fucked jail saga is now available on YouTube, so come and see what the fuck you’re missing!

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are back in jail, trying to cope in their own ways. Bubbles is fixing shitty toasters, Julian is working on a money-making scheme… and Ricky is plotting to murder Jim Lahey!

Trailer Park Boys Christmas TV


Randy Bobandy the Christmas elfDid you know you can watch the Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special and TPB Live at the North Pole on Netflix? Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like gathering the family around the TV to watch a greasy male prostitute elf hook for cheeseburgers…

And look out for new episodes of Trailer Park Boys 8.5 over the holidays, exclusively at swearnet.com!