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Win a Year of SwearNet – Caption This!

Win a year of SwearNet - Trailer Park Boys Jail caption contest

Wanna win a free year of SwearNet? Of course ya do! Just tell us what Julian is saying, or Ricky is thinking, or Terry is dreaming of, or whatever the fuck you think is going on in this photo, and post your caption in the comments below. We’re giving away three subscriptions, so triple your chances of winning by entering on our Trailer Park Boys Facebook and Instagram accounts – it’s not cheating if we don’t give a fuck! We’ll announce the winners on Tuesday, March 30, so get your entries in before then!

Already have a SwearNet subscription? We’ll just add your free year on to your existing membership. It doesn’t matter if you watch SwearNet on the web or on the TPB/SwearNet app – one subscription covers it all. DECENT!

Trailer Park Boys: New season of Jail Shorts!

You thought Trailer Park Boys: Jail was over did ya? Nope!! Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are still in jail and the shitshow continues! This week, a shitstorm’s a-brewin’ over one of Ricky’s most beloved foods – chicken fingers. When is a chicken finger not a chicken finger? When it’s a fuckin’ chicken nugget, that’s when!

Watch Episode One here, and tune into a new episode every Thursday!

Trailer Park Boys: Jail – Shoot For The Clouds

IT’S HERE! All 10 episodes of Trailer Park Boys: Jail Season 1 now streaming at SwearNet!! On the final nail-and-cock-biting episode: Bubbles is in danger – can Terry hold off the angry mob until Ricky and Julian figure out a plan? Bubbles is a dead man if he don’t give up the hash, man! And why the fuck is there a deer on the roof of Julian’s car?!

Season 1 may be over, but look out for more Sunnyvale Correctional Facility fuckery coming your way from next week!

Trailer Park Boys: Jail – Too Fucked Up Even For Jail

Wake and bake fuckers – it’s Thursday and time for Episode 9 of Trailer Park Boys: Jail!! Julian and the Roc-Pile learn the hard way that there’s a big difference between ‘get’ and ‘got’. And there’s another problem – Julian and Ricky have an interview with the parole board… 

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