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New Trailer Park Boys Tees at the Store!

New Trailer Park Boys t-shirts!To celebrate the release of Trailer Park Boys Season 12, we’ve got three awesome new tees at the store! Show your love for Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, the Green Bastard, or the greatest fuckin’ trailer park in the world! Buy your sexy new t-shirt HERE!

We’ve also got all your favourite merch, including Ricky’s famous houndstooth shirt, Sunnyvale hockey jerseys and a range of DECENT smoking gear (don’t forget, 420 is just around the frigging corner!)

And look out for a new range of greasy new products, coming soon…

TPB T-Shirt Design Contest – The Winner!

The Mustard Tiger is the winner of our t-shirt contest!The (Mustard) Tiger has roared! Trailer Park Boys fans have voted this design as the winner of the TPB t-shirt design contest, with a massive 43% of the votes! We’ll let ya know when the t-shirt is available to buy at the Trailer Park Boys official merch store!

And let’s get a  BAAAAAAAMM for our draw winner, Dominic Maxwell, who wins a TPB t-shirt, stickers and a one-year subscription to swearnet.com!




New! J-Roc and Sunnyvale hats at the TPB store

J-Roc and Sunnyvale TPB hats

We’ve got two DIZZOPE new hats on sale at the Trailer Park Boys store!

Our new Sunnyvale hat features two hits of sweet embroidery: “Sunnyvale” on the front and the classic “Trailer Park Boys” logo on the back. The J-Roc Snapback is way dope! With heavy, raised, blinged-out gold 3D embroidery on a flat brim, this hat is the ultimate accessory for a TPB or J-Roc fan..