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Get exclusive access to Sunnyvale Trailer Park as filming gets underway on Trailer Park Boys Season 10!

New at swearnet.com: Ask Julian Fucking Anything

Julian Trailer Park Boys - sexy!It’s time for Julian’s ASK ME FUCKING ANYTHING at SwearNet!

In Part 1 Julian answers fucked fan questions including how to get a “Sexian” body, what happened to his parents, and the secret to running a successful business.

In Part 2 he talks about his favourite bar, role models, breakfast, greasy fucking ghosts, and what he REALLY thinks about Jim Lahey!


Look out for more AMFAs at SwearNet next week!

Trailer Park Boys on Instagram

Wanna see more from the Trailer Park Boys Season 10 set? The boys have figured out how to post to “Instant-gram” and have been posting daily photos from the set. Check out some of these beauties and follow them on their official Instagram channel @trailerparkboysofficial!

Bubbles shopping carts

Bubbles’ business is booming!

Ricky Lucky Trailer Park Boys

Time to get greasy…

Mr Lahey Trailer Park Boys - liquor run

Mr. Lahey on his morning liquor run?

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