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Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series now streaming on Netflix!

The new season of Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series is LIVE!! Thanks for all your comments over the weekend, we read a fuck-ton of them and are glad you enjoyed it! And for those that don’t… why not invite your buds round, get the liquor in and give it another try! Or don’t, we don’t really give a fuck. 🤣

Haven’t watched it yet? GO HERE NOW!

Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series NEW TRAILER!!

Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series hits Netflix March 31, and it’s gonna be GREEEAASSY! The suit dummies won’t let us f**king swear on the f**king trailer, but tune in March 31 when we’ll swear, drink, get high and fire guns as much as we f**king like… Come f**king join us at netflix.com/trailerparkboys!!

Podcast Episode 183 – Familiar Drugs with Alexisonfire

This week, the Boys have a very special guest with a big fucking announcement: singer, songwriter and guitar player extraordinaire Wade MacNeil from Alexisonfire! Who the fuck was Alexis, and was she on fire? Plus: it’s not Valentine’s Day without a fight, a lap dance and some kitties! And are certain words OK as long as you have an accent?

Catch the full episode at www.swearnet.com 


Episode 34 – Laughter is the Best Medicine

The Boys love getting free shit even fucking letters (well sort of). Watch as Mike, Robb and JP aka Edward Sword Hands open fan mail from all over the world. Hope the boys have lots of brown crayons because the cat holes are a winkin’! Plus Mike gets some DECENT coasters and I wonder who the pink scissors are for?!

Catch the full episode at https://www.swearnet.com/ 



New at swearnet.com – Up the Hudson!

This week, the Boys discuss past actors’ promiscuity and get confused about who was bangin’ who, but Bubbles puts that argument to bed – you’ll never guess the answer! Plus: Who doesn’t know Walmart sells fucking bananas?! And don’t miss the rare but fascinating process of Ricky getting learnt!