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New on swearnet.com – Half Pound

Pat Roach lost a half pound

The Boys are struggling to figure out a way to motivate Pat Roach on the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show.

Robb, JP, and especially Mike are worried that their pep talks are not having a positive impact on Pat Roach’s performance. They attempt to light another fire under his arse and come up with a plan to take this project to the next level.

New on swearnet.com – Grab an End!

Pat Roach struggles to move workout equipment

Pat Roach is ready to kick off his workout regiment on the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show, now on SwearNet!

The Boys have given Pat his own private space in SwearNet Studios where he can set up a personal gym and get into shape.  There’s just one problem – not one miserable fucker at SwearNet will help him move the equipment up the stairs to his workout room.

Will Pat’s positivity prevail?  Why in the fuck can’t Hugh the Office Dick lift anything?  Will Pat ever look like JP?  Tune in and find out!

New on swearnet.com: Julian Suggests You Get Banged, Drunk, and High

Julian giving advice

Dear Julian is back!

In today’s episode, Julian has advice on choosing a career path, the best way to get into professional wrestling, and whether or not you should get stoned before a workout!

Plus – if you think you lost your fucking chance with a hot girl or guy, Julian has a greasy tip for reeling back “the one that got away.”

New at swearnet.com: Cheap Smokes gets RIPPED with Cedric

Cheap Smokes and Cory Bowles at swearnet.com

Recovered from Cheap Smokes’ painful Pilates session yet? Kaitlin and Laura have another fucked workout for you!

This week, the girls work off their hangovers with a Hip-Hop-West-African-Latin-American-Flamenco workout routine, led by over-caffeinated fitness freak Cedric (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Cory Bowles…)

Ready to get RIPPED? Click here!