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Coming to SwearNet soon: TNT FUBAR

We’ve got some EXCITING AS FUCK news to share with ya – Terry and Trish are coming to SwearNet with an exclusive new show, TNT FUBAR!

Terry and Trish want to regain custody of their son Deano so they can afford to get divorced. Terry tries to become a professional manager for Calgary’s wrestling royalty the Harts, Shank’s swindles them to pay for his reno, Trish gets deep into a pyramid scheme and everyone learns home is where the hash is!

Watch out for more news soon… In the meantime, watch MORE TERRY HERE! AWOOOO!!!

Park After Dark – Muscle Chips

It’s September the 3-0 already, fuckers – the Boys are zoned out and don’t know if it’s Jantember or Novaugust! Bubbles is so hungry he could eat a wheel of cheese, or some sexy Muscle Chips. But fuck off with the NyQuil chicken! Also: The Boys explain why September 30 is a very important day in Canada.

Mailbag – Let’s Eat Mike

On today’s stuffed Mailbag: Fun times from Puerto Rico, more fackin’ questions from Rudi, and a big Beatles birthday blowout box for Mike!

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