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20 Years of Trailer Park Boys – J-Roc, Baby!

J-ROC rocks the mic in Sunnyvale

But now you heard the story about how I got caught

Playing with my shit, but hold that thought

Before you disrespect J R-O-C

It could happen to you ’cause it happened to me and T


Tell us your favourite J-ROC moment, nomesayin’?

Wednesday Wisdom – Life is Fucked!

Bubbles Meme - Life's Fucked!

Bubbles is the smartest guy in Sunnyvale Trailer Park, and if he says it’s fucked, it’s FUCKED! Look out for more Wednesday Wisdom memes soon (or whenever we fucking remember it’s Wednesday)

Mailbag – Dear Mike, Go Fuck Yourself With An Alligator Cock

Let’s get into the fucking goods on the latest Mailbag! There’s Newfie booze, Sheryl Crow (the singer, not the crow), and the BIGGEST package ever. But someone’s getting jack shit…

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