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SwearNet Studios – Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? Oh My Fuck, It’s…

An out-of-control SwearMan wrestles on the roof with JP

Fans are deserting the good ship SwearNet like shit rats, Robb’s in a rage about Road Rage, and Chipper’s about to get his ass fired. If only there was some kind of superhero who could fly in and save the day…

We can’t show you a YouTube clip as they RESTRICTED IT FOR BEING TOO FUCKED!!! Fuck offfff, YouTube! Better get over to SwearNet.com and the SwearNet app to watch the whole greasy horror show!

SwearNet Studios – OH MY FUCKING GOD

It’s official – SwearNet Studios is a fucking HIT!!! Thanks to everyone who tuned into Episode 1, and all your great comments – we’re fucking STOKED! 

On today’s episode: It’s go, go, fucking go at SwearNet Studios – JP and Robb are working on their shows, the studio has a new handyman, and Mike is definitely not drunk. Just one problem – what’s that smell coming from the washroom?

Park After Dark – Randy Snugglebeans

The Boys might be recovering from 420, but they’re on fire in today’s Park After Dark! They solve the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, sue Marvel for ganking the Green Bastard’s look, and figure out how to pop your lung while pulling your goalie. Also: Why is Julian sexting Randy? 🍆