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Mailbag – One Chip Challenge

On this week’s bag-busting Mailbag: The Boys get a Saturday night puzzle challenge, hoop-busting holy hot sauce, and try the ultimate hot chip! Also: Wanna hire the Boys? That’ll be ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

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PLEASE NOTE: If sending from outside of Canada, please mark as ‘GIFT’ because we can’t keep paying import duty and all that Customs shit. FIFTY FUCKIN’ DOLLARS?!!

TPB Halloween Costume Contest 2021 – THE WINNERS!!

Alright fuckers, here are the results of our BIGGEST EVER Trailer Park Boys Halloween dress-up contest! Thanks to over 500 of you glorious fuckers who entered on SwearBlog, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. It’s been hard as fuck to pick the winners, but after weeks of wrangling, arguing, getting high and forgetting who we fucking voted for, here is the GRAND PRIZE MEGA PACK WINNER – and bless my fuck, there are TWO!



Trailer Park Boys Halloween contest 2021 - the winners

Congratulations to little mawfks Julian and Ricky, and a 131-proof, straight up fuckin’ wasted Jim Lahey and his shirtless circus sidekick. The Boys couldn’t agree on the best, so before a fuckin’ fight broke out at the SwearNet studio we decided you BOTH win a mega prize pack!


But wait, there’s more! There were also a bunch of runners-up, who all win one-year subscriptions to SwearNet.com, and the bragging rights for-fucking-EVER:

Trailer Park Boys Halloween contest 2021 - Runners-Up

Congratulations to Randy and his bluejay burger, the Shed ‘n’ Breakfast houseparty, Bubbles impersonator (our first ever video winner), Green Bastard, Medieval Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles, Mustard Tiger, Ricky, TPB three-fer (plus a cute Conky!) and Julian! We’ll be in touch soon, fuckers!


Check out the gallery below for the winning photo entries, and @buzzedandblazed on TikTok for the winning video!

Marguerite McNeil – Queen of Sunnyvale


Remembering our dear Marguerite McNeil, who has sadly passed away. Your Sunnyvale family will miss you so much! Pour a drink, grab some (crispy) bacon and enjoy some of Marguerite’s best moments… ❤️