Trippin’ with Leigh – Indiegogo campaign is now LIVE!

We’re ready to start Trippin’ with Leigh, but we need your help!

Trailer Park Boys actor Leigh MacInnis will be travelling across Peru to document his hallucinogenic trips and shamanic experiences in the jungle… but we need to raise money to help fund the trip to Peru! The Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to complete the film is now LIVE at

What the fuck is in it for me, you ask?! As well as helping to fund this exciting documentary, there are many unique and amazing perks available, including shout-outs on our upcoming SWEARBLOG WALL OF FAME, t-shirts, photos, and the paintings Leigh created while on an acid trip!

Trippin with Leigh acid paintings

Once completed, the pilot will free to view at, and we will also be cutting together a DVD of the trip, which will be available through the official Trailer Park Boys store We only have thirty days to raise money, so please donate whatever you can, and spread the word among your friends!

  1 comment for “Trippin’ with Leigh – Indiegogo campaign is now LIVE!

  1. Bud
    June 12, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    Wheres the fucking indie gogo link to click on boys? I mean what in the fuck? You want help but no fucking link!

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