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  1. September 25, 2015 at 4:57 am

    i dont mean no disrespect to the other boys ( we call them guys in st. louis) ricky is way more intelligent than his character. julian, well he is a stud so it is hard to discern his natural persona from his character though it certainly takes a lot of discipline to cary that drink in every scene. but, mike smith as bubbles, i cannot believe that some one as intelligent as mike can change his persona into the character of bubbles. not being familiar with the boys natural persona, i have to say that mike smith is the best character portrayer. however, i am uneducated in the art of acting and may be discounting john paul’s and (i am half crocked) ricky’s skill. “ricky” (his name behoves me at the moment) is not dumb as ricky, therefore i see the acting. john paul is a stud (and i am man enough to say it…to the “macho” internal homophobes who cant) so carrying the drink is certainly a discipline. However, mike smith as bubbles, is such a unique character from his real life persona, it is absolutely amazing. there are times, i wish, tpb, was not a fictional series but a real life expose. i would like to live at sunnyvale and party with those dudes (watched every episode 30 times plus). Last, john / lahey, your a great actor. big time, but some times it gets too greasy. your a 60 plus year old man. don’t you fear God? C’mon Johm, your going to face your Maker some day. do you really want Lahey in a bear skin coat with a t.p. tube about your cock being your legacy? your getting old dude, it is time to think about this.

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