Bubbles tears it up in Europe!

Bubbles has been busy as fuck during the European tour! While Ricky has spent his time chasing dope and Julian’s been on the hunt for ice, Bubbles has been participating in the Berlin Marathon – on inline skates! He fuckin’ crushed the race, apart from the horrendous pile-up he caused at the start. Fuck!

Bubbles competes in the Berlin Marathon

Bubbles on wheels!

And then, from Parts Unknown to Copenhagen, Denmark… The Green Bastard took to the ring to unload a few on some fuckin’ twiggy alien Danes!


Bubbles as the Green Bastard, Parts Unknown

Green Bastard, Parts Unknown

Bubbles and Julian also took Ricky to visit his “Disneyland” – the famous commune of Christiania, which has its very own Green Light District! Deeeecent!


Trailer Park Boys in Christiania, Denmark

Where there is weed, there is Ricky

Next stop on the tour, Sweden and Finland!

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  1. Surfnfx
    September 29, 2015 at 11:35 am

    So when are you dummys going to expand Sunnyvale operations to ONTAXVILLE because our Government gives away TAX money more freely than N.S. does! Heck ya can put it out on the Lezzelyspit really cheap in tarona.. Lots of bird to kill there and ya can throw the botle kids in to da lake to. But there maybe less ammo for them becase dem bottle collectors are real good at geten them and return dem to buy more spiffs. And how did jaw git into there country we think the boder closed to people from away?

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