New at TPB Podcast gets you learnt!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast

This week on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast: How are Ricky’s new year’s resolutions going? How does science control daylight? Are there spots on a giraffe’s wang? Find out the answers to these fucked questions, and more. Episode 24 is brought to you by Jukasa vapor products!


Don’t forget, the audio version of this Trailer Park Boys Podcast launches on iTunes and Monday!

  1 comment for “New at TPB Podcast gets you learnt!

  1. Anne Marie Schiraldi
    January 16, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Looks like Ricky’s been getting learnt, using big words like “Iconic”. Ray did a fucking awesome job raising Ricky, he’s very unique and abstract just like his two handed masterpiece of Bubbles. I would like to add it to my art collection if the bidding is still open?? $100 American Dollars Cash which as of today is about $145.37 Canadian.
    Check out my SWEARNET Express Proposal I emailed to you boys, it’s a decent idea that will make you enough money to eat real lucky charms instead of the Dollar Store kind.

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