New at TPB Podcast Episode 47 – Naked on Mushrooms in a London Drunk Tank

The Boys are having a poolside podcast!

Hurry up and watch this podcash before the dick hotel manager kicks the Boys out!!

The Boys are back with a poolside podcast and they smoked some FUCKED dope before this one.  The Boys discuss the things that animals do that humans can’t, ideas for a new hairdo for Bubbles, and Ricky talks about the wonderful year that was 1948.

Plus – ever wonder what the arsehole kids called Bubbles on the playground?  Now’s your chance to fucking find out!

Check out the audio version of this podcast on Monday on iTunes and Libsyn!

Episode 47 is brought to you by the Official Trailer Park Boys Store, and Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky!

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