Now on iTunes/Libsyn: Ricky, Julian, and… Lahey?!

Jim Lahey drinks a bottle of Liquormen's Whisky

Who invited the liquor?!

Bubbles isn’t able to make it to the 50th episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, but he found a (drunk as fuck) replacement.  Jim Lahey joins Julian and Ricky on the latest podca$h, which is now available as an audio download on Libsyn and iTunes!

Old man liquor, sporting a sexy Julian goatee, covers a wide range of topics, including: the REAL reason why Randy can’t wear a shirt, the drug/liquor schedule of Hunter S. Thompson, and the annual Penis Festival in Japan!

This episode is brought to you by (RIP fucked URL) and Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky. 

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