New on swearnet: Who Is the Smartest Fucker in Sunnyvale?

The Boys at Ricky's table

It’s a battle of the brains on the latest Trailer Park Boys podcast!  The Boys start things off with a game of Sunnyvale Family Feud then launch into a fucked game of In My Pants or on the Ground.  Who will come out on top as the smartest fucker in Sunnyvale?!

Plus – Ricky explains the concept of citizenship, Bubbles discusses what he’d do if he won the jackpot (and Julian calls him a Lottery Dick).

And for the wildlife fans, Ricky unveils his latest concept for the most fierce animal ever bornt: the Palermeeno Shorse!

This episode is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.comLiquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky, and Gibson!

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