Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Sunnyvale Jeopardy with Bubbles Trebek!


After hearing rave reviews of his DECENT hosting job for Sunnyvale Family Feud, Bubbles decided to take things to the next level and try his fucking hand at Sunnyvale Jeopardy!

The latest episode of The Trailer Park Boys Podcast is now available for fucking free on iTunes and Libsyn!  Learn about Julian’s mom, Ricky’s mom, and reminisce about the gay 90’s.  You’ll also find out why Ricky wants to go to China, if he could only figure out how to get there.

Plus – Jacob fucked Ricky’s car, and he has no idea where he’s going to come up with $700/$800 to buy a new one!

Episode 59 is sponsored by the Official Trailer Park Boys Store, and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones, and remember, if you want the video version, sign your arse up to SwearNet!

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