New on – Gorilla Fingers Loves His Job


Julian seems to have disappeared this week but luckily the SwearNet dicks have brought in a special guest for this week’s Trailer Park Boys Podcast – local prison guard Gorilla Fingers!

The beginning of the podcash is quite fuckin tense — Bubbles has a bone to pick with Gorilla Fingers after an unsavory incident that the camera dicks caught on camera during season 8.5, when the prison authorities suspected Bubbles of hiding a screwdriver in his arse.

The conversation doesn’t really leave the anal cavity after that!

Episode 64 is brought to you by Official Trailer Park Boys Store, and Neat ‘King Bee’ microphones!

  1 comment for “New on – Gorilla Fingers Loves His Job

  1. Adam
    November 17, 2016 at 1:28 am

    Guys. This episode. Oh my fuck. Gorilla Fingers is so fucking greasy, and I have without a doubt never laughed so hard at a podcast. I have never listened to an episode of any podcast more than once, and I have listened to this episode at least 10 times now. I really hope he makes an appearance again. This character is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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