Leigh MacInnis in Peru - Trippin with Leigh

It’s finally here!  Roll yourself a six-paper joint, or pop some weird fucking jungle hallucinogens if you have em, and watch Trippin’ with Leigh –  FREE on!

Trippin’ with Leigh is a documentary film about the transformation of one man’s life, who, having cheated death, travels to Peru to gain enlightenment through the use of hallucinogens and spirit medicines.

In case you missed it yesterday, we caught up with the weird spiritual bastard to ask him how he felt ahead of today’s big release!  Read the interview here.

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  1. March 4, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    Leigh Brother, thank you for such an informative and insightful account of your journey, i am( have been for some time) being called by the Plant Teachers, as they consistently bring my attention to articles such as yours, if you would do a PEI brother god turn, email me some of your logistics, it would be much appreciated. Peace, Pedro.

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