Cheap Smokes Debut Album “IDIOTT’S” Now Available!

Album cover for Cheap Smokes featuring Kaitlin and Laura entangled in their underwear

Buy the album on iTunes by clicking here!

The whole world is about to learn something that SwearNet fans have known for a long time: Kaitlin and Laura from Cheap Smokes have a really fucked sense of humour, but it’s fucked in the best possible way.

After appearing in the Trailer Park Boys TV show and putting together a massive 53-episode season on SwearNet, the ladies are ready to stick yet another fucking feather in their filthy cap.  Today, they release their debut comedy album IDIOTT’S, and the dicks at SwearBlog reached out to Kaitlin and Laura to get the dirty low-down!


Holy fuck, an album. That must be a lot of work. Tell us a bit about what goes into creating a comedy album!

Kaitlin – It was definitely a challenge for us because anyone who’s seen our act knows that we are very physical comedians. So it was hard to find sketches that were mainly about the funny things we were saying…and not just Kaitlin running around as a fuckin’ pee goblin wearing a beard and a witch nose. The whole process took us over a year to complete. We had to meticulously go through every take of every track and edit and find what worked and what didn’t and have sound effects added at the exact right time etc etc. It was a lot of work which makes us really proud that it’s finally ready!

Laura – It was a lot of work but we had an amazing team. Comedy Records is pretty amazing. When we listened to our first recordings, we were a bit worried about the album. Recording a sketch album is a lot different than recording a stand-up album. With stand-up, you really just need good sound and an audience. With sketch, you have to add in a bunch of sounds and cues because there is no live audience. 


What kind of material can we expect on this album? Will we hear from any of our favourite characters from your material on like Heather or Jean Marie?

Kaitlin – You MAY hear from a certain Chip and Candace…and perhaps the Mom Wine characters make a bit of an appearance. On this album you can expect a lot of the same sophomoric, silly humor and zany characters that Cheap Smokes is known for. It’s just really fun and silly and sexy (but gross sexy). What else would you expect?

Drunk on mom wine

Drunk on Mom Wine

Laura – You can expect only political and high brow humor. There will be absolutely no fart or poop jokes. There will be no dating jokes or self deprecating humor or making fun of “Valley Girls.” Okay… I’m lying. This album doesn’t have a specific style, it’s just us… if that makes sense. Whatever we loved and thought would be good for a non visual album, we recorded it.


Are there any classic comedy albums out there that might’ve inspired or guided you to make one of your own?

Laura – Our dear friends, who are also a duo came out with an album last year based out of New York. The album Rick and Chuck (Jay and Eyton) is so hilarious you will actually have to change your pants. A lot of great Canadian comics have recorded albums recently and we though we could do the same. We looked at all our non physical material we had and said, why not?


What the fuck have you been up to since we last saw you on Could you tell us about your live show?

Kaitlin – What have we been up to? Well Laura got a sex change, so that was a huge deal. But really we’ve just been writing and performing and working. We have a project going on with The Boys and we will see where it ends up. Our live show is always very over-the-top physical, ridiculous humour. If you’re an audience member you should know you’re not safe because we may bring you up onstage and fuck with you… literally.


Describe the experience of working with the drunk and stoned idiots at SwearNet. Is Preston really that much of a dick?


No pants, no problem

Kaitlin – We love those fuckers with all of our hearts! I don’t think SwearNet fans realize how hard those guys really work. Each of them is working on at least 10 different things at any moment. On top of all the work they had to do with TPB, they had to run around Halifax filming us stupid morons in sexy hot dog suits getting rickshaw rides from strange men. Nicole is a genius, Hannah and Chipper work harder than anyone I know, and Zan the sound guy was our protector and would karate chop anyone who gave us a hard time. Preston is a big old teddy bear that loves boxed wine, but he does try really hard to be a dick.

Laura – Working with all the drunk and stoned idiots at SwearNet was actually one of the best times of my life. I know that sounds lame but it really was. The first time when we went and played in the studio while the boys were on tour, we were there for an entire month. They became a family to us. Father Preston, sister Hannah, Protector Zan, cousin Chipper. One time when we were filming “Stoned Movie Reviews” Chipper got us SO high that I actually wanted to die. We were so in our heads, we couldn’t drive home we were that wrecked. I kept thinking, “What if my Dad saw me right now, he would so not be proud?” We will never smoke Chipper’s stuff ever again. Preston is SO far from a dick he’s a pussy. Kidding, he is a sweet teddy bear that never wears pants.


What’s next for Cheap Smokes?

Kaitlin – We have a lot of coals in the fire*…is that a fucking saying? We have a lot of stuff in the works that we can’t quite talk about yet. We will see what happens in the next few months. Hopefully big things. We’ve been at this comedy thing for almost a decade so hopefully someday soon I can have a bit of money and finally get that thing on my car fixed that sounds like a dying cat.


Where can your fans buy your fucking album?

Kaitlin – It’s available on iTunes as of TODAY Friday February 24th. The album is Cheap Smokes “IDIOTT’S”….and yes we meant to spell it that way, Jesus CHRIST! Please go download it now, its fuckin’ hilarious. Buy it for your grandma, she’ll love it! Thanks to SwearNet fans for all your love and support. xoxo Cheap Smokes. (Except Stomachworm….you suck).


Buy the fucking album IDIOTT’S on iTunes by clicking here!
Check out more Cheap Smokes fuckery on their YouTube channel.
*Editor’s note: “We have a lot of coals in the fire” is not a fucking saying.

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  1. Jeff "Lahey, Lahey, Lahey Chicken" Crowther
    February 26, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    I will buy this album ASAP! P.S. POWERASS! U-BET!

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