New on – Operation Midnight Dope

The Boys are sitting in their smokey sack

This episode of Mailbag is hot as fuck, maybe due to all the layers of clothes Mike is wearing, or maybe due to all the spicy fucking snacks they keep getting in the mail!

The Boys get a strong early contender for the “Help Us Decorate Sunnyvale” competition, in the form of a fucking rocket ship!  Want to send in some shit to help decorate the set of Season 12?  You gotta get it to Nova Scotia by May 31st! Click here for details.

They also get a DECENT pitch for growing dope, a mini Snoop, and a knitted hat for Bubbles.

PLUS: The gifts aren’t limited to these three cock knuckles – Lahey and Randy feel the love too!

  1 comment for “New on – Operation Midnight Dope

  1. rob hull
    May 11, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    If I send in my decided sons teddy bear 🐻 if it is not selected will it be sent back to me I would really love for it to be on the show season 11 even aired on my bday

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