New on – Fruit Baskets

Ricky is upset about a decision by Crayola

Well fuck, the snacks have been downgraded again, but that won’t stop the Boys from cranking out a DECENT new episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.

Not all hope is lost in the snack department, because the SwearNet dicks were sure to include Muscle Krispies, Julian’s favourites!  But perhaps the catering fuck-up has left the Boys with food on their mind because they spend a very long time talking about fruit baskets and salad tossing.

There are borntday shout-outs a-plenty, with Malcolm X, Andre the Giant, Pete Townsend, and Georges St-Pierre all being bornt on May 19th.  Speaking of GSP, Bubbles has no end of compliments for that sexy body of his.

The Boys also discuss Smokey and the Bandit, and Bubbles lays down some mean CB radio chatter.

PLUS: What in the fuck did Crayola do to make Ricky so upset?!

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