Trailer Park Boys 360: Sunnyvale

Bubbles is back with his DECENT 360 camera and he’s giving you a VR look at the finest trailer park on the planet – Sunnyvale!

He puts the camera square in the middle of Ricky’s trailer (and Shitmobile), Bubbles’ shed, Julian’s trailer — and stay tuned for a guest appearance by a shirtless dickweed.

Last week, Bubbles showed us the inside of his shed in 360 VR and the internet is fucking loving it!

  1 comment for “Trailer Park Boys 360: Sunnyvale

  1. Gerald Reiffers
    November 10, 2017 at 11:14 am

    That 360 view made Randy’s fetus kicker even larger. I guess the fame has gone to his fucking stomach. Great job guys, still kickin’ ass after all these years!! I just getting caught up on all the movies and episodes you fun loving fuckers have made. Caught wind of you guys from my twisted sister of all things in 2007. Haven’t been able to catch up and was completely blown away by all the success since then. Bubbles, I think my sister was secretly in love with you, if it weren’t for that I’d be totally bored this fall. You guys are Rockin’ the world, I see, as I have just watched the Out of the Park in Europe. Thanks Ricky, for repeatedly telling Europe how much they suck, LOL! Big G Fan

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