New Greasy Money Event – Police Academy!

Attention Greasy Money gamers: The Police Academy Event is live NOW! Boot up your brain phones, and get ready to unlock Erica Miller’s Police Uniform to increase your Used Gas Profits!

You can download the game for your iOS or Android clickerty-clacker at!


  1 comment for “New Greasy Money Event – Police Academy!

  1. andrew kell
    May 10, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    Howdy it is May 10 2019 only putting this because this event is on right now but seemed to be also on another time. Anyways. This is buggy as hell. Right now The Army Surplus Store isn’t leveling up no matter what I do. And the Gas Station is now going on to needing 300 customers at a time to go up. So far nothing wrong with the Pee Station or Magic Fingers. Crossing

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