John Dunsworth’s Dicshitnary is BACK!

The Dicshitnary by John Dunsworth

Need more shit in your life? The LEGENDARY Dicshitnary by John Dunsworth is back! The definitive A-Z of scatological wisdom, puns and poetry written by the Wizard of Shit himself is now available to pre-order at!

“When the shit bird caws from the shit bird tree, never walk under and never look up”

  1 comment for “John Dunsworth’s Dicshitnary is BACK!

  1. Sean Malley
    June 21, 2021 at 3:07 pm

    Say, it appears that the last time this was re-printed was 2019. Is this to be printed again at all? On the website, the book is once again sold out. I do understand that there is a risk to printing something and then ending up with product that doesn’t sell.

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