4/20 on 5/20 – LIVE with the Trailer Park Boys!

The Trailer Park Boys are LIVE as they host 4/20 on 5/20!

5/20 is the new 4/20! On May 20 at 4:20pm Atlantic Time* (that’s 3:20pm ET, 2:20pm CT, 12:20pm PT, 8:20pm GMT, 9:20pm CET!) join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles LIVE in Sunnyvale at the official Trailer Park Boys Facebook page to smoke a joint with them, in honour of our essential frontline workers.
Mark the date in your calendars and get fuckin’ rolling!

*that’s 3:20pm ET, 2:20pm CT, 1:20pm MT, 12:20pm PT, 8:20pm GMT, 9:20pm CET!

  1 comment for “4/20 on 5/20 – LIVE with the Trailer Park Boys!

  1. Randy's Waxed Nutsack
    August 1, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    When the fuck are you guys going to come back with the TPB live show season 13?

    The animated series is just not the same as the live action series. I heard there was some filming last year of TPBs in prison with some pictures buy what has become with that?

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