SwearNet Mailbag – Gimme an ‘R’

The Boys have a fuckton of letters to get through on today’s Mailbag, but have a treat in store when they get to the ‘meat n pataters’!! They open packages from a Mailbag Hall-of-Famer, a Canadian rock legend, and a little green fucker!


Got a little sumthin’ for the Boys? Send it along to:

Attn: Mailbag
Swearnet.com Incorporated
PO Box 38072 Burnside
Dartmouth NS B3B 1X2

IMPORTANT: Please mark your package as a ‘gift’ because we won’t be fucking paying the import duty and tax!!

  2 comments for “SwearNet Mailbag – Gimme an ‘R’

  1. March 1, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    You guys fuckin ROCK! Got me through 2 fkd divorce’s! Love the TPB and I’m so glad you did this Swearnet thing! Watch it everyday. Ricky’s attitude is fkn perfection! JP plays his character perfect, and Bubbles is the shit!!! I’d love to hang out with smith and fkn party 🤘🏻! Keep up the kick add work from the TPB jail to the podcasts!! You’ve save people’s lives with your comedy 💯! I’d always have something to look forward too when shit was completely fucked! Also rip Lahey!! You guys stopping the TPB was the right thing to do, he can’t be replaced. He was the drunken master without taking a drink! Everyone played their parts perfect and the show wouldn’t be what it has become without everyone doing their things! Can’t thank you guys enough! Way she goes boys! Fkn Randy you fat fuck your awesome too bud! Love the roach approach! Watch it live when I can! Hopefully one day I’ll get through on the calling in! Thanks and keep fkn doing what you guys do!

    • SwearAdmin
      March 15, 2021 at 9:08 am

      Cheers Chad, you glorious fucker!

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