SwearNet Mailbag – You Mail Shit In, We Open It

Welcome to the 110 millionth edition of SwearNet Mailbag! This week, Robb’s so high he can’t read, Pat gets a sexy somethin’ for the Roach Approach, and there’s pepperoni cocks and moonshine all round! Also: What’s in the Big Daddy box?

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  1 comment for “SwearNet Mailbag – You Mail Shit In, We Open It

  1. jeremy brewster
    September 27, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    Im so happy to have saved money to subscribe so I can support you guys.ive followed you guys since I was just 13..b4 netflix I remember watching and showing all my friends ans they hated it..however now they say they love you guys and support and always have..whatever as long as u make money off them stupid alien shit cocks..

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