Green Bastard Hot Sauce – OH YEAHHH!!!

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles attempt to make a commercial for their scrump-dilly new Green Bastard hot sauce…

Coney Island Saucery’s decent new hot sauce is a ‘verde’ style featuring fresh notes of cilantro and citrus, tag teamed with garlic, earthy middle tones, ending with a gelapeno / serrano flying elbow to the throat!

Pairs well with dirty old chicken burgers, balon-a-log slices, tacos, skirt steak, hot dogs or any food you want to add a devastating blow of flavour. Sounds fucking good to us!!

Get yours at OH YEAHHH!!

  1 comment for “Green Bastard Hot Sauce – OH YEAHHH!!!

  1. Brian Schiffer
    June 6, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    please make this available to Canada residents through a Canadian website (lucifershouseofheat or chillychilies) right now the American website forces you to pay a higher shipping price than normal and even if you select CAD it converts to USD on checkout and charges an additional 5% exchange above and beyond the current rates (I tried to order in CAD and upon checkout the price converted to USD automatically and at 1.26% even though current exchange is 1.21%)
    Therefor I did not order this sauce 🙁

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