1 comment for “Trailer Park Boys Jail Shorts – It Has To Be Able To Sink Up

  1. Greg Whitcraft
    July 16, 2021 at 12:57 pm

    Hey …Boys

    I have a great idea for new content for your program. I think that your subscribers would enjoy this , moreover, it would provide hours of unscripted content.
    Here me out… the new content would be composed of a 1hr. long interview with past and present cast members. My idea for the name of this program is” Where The Fuck Are They Now?!”

    Example: Episode Interviews : Skippy… or Sara… Caveman… Barb…J-Rock… Trinity… etc. Anyone in general that was with your show past and present. The skies the limit.

    Hmmm… Maybe Terry could host the program??

    PS Great program. Kudos… great work Boys!

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