Trailer Park Boys Halloween Costume Contest 2023!

Time to don your Green Bastard capes, sexy black t-shirts and track pants – the 2023 TPB Halloween Costume Contest is ON! And this year, the prizes are BIGGER THAN EVER! Here’s how to enter:

1. You and your buds dress up as your fave TPB characters

2. Take a photo or video

3. Upload it HERE, or tag it #tpbhalloween on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok

4. You’re in!!!

The winning entry will receive a grand prize pack and one-year subscriptions to SwearNet.com. Prize pack includes a signed photo of the Boys, puzzle, t-shirt, stickers, hot sauce, and whatever other cool shit we have lying around! There are also prizes for best Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Group, Randy/Lahey, Other Characters and Kids/Pets.

Entry starts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27 and closes THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2 at 23:59pm ET. Good luck, fuckers!