Fan Art

Our talented-as-fuck Trailer Park Boys fans create some of the dopest art on the planet of the Earth! See some awesome shit here.

DEEECENT! Bubbles painting in progress

Check out the progress of this fucking AMAZING portrait of Bubbles, by artist Jason Borbet:



We can’t wait to see the finished painting. Watch out for further updates on Jason’s Twitter!


Trailer Park Boys goalie mask

Trailer Park Boys and hockey – you can’t get much more fuckin’ Canadian than that! Check out artist David Arrigo’s awesome work on this custom-painted goalie mask. It features Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (doing his best Johnny Cash impression) along with pot leaves, kitties, a ‘freedum’ 35 and even that little wooden prick Conky!

See more of David’s work at

TPB 1TPB 2Trailer Park Boys goalie mask - Julian