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Happy Borntday Robb Wells!

Happy birthday
Tonight you’re gonna party!! Why? It’s Robb Wells’ BORNT DAY!!! The perfect excuse to get the liquor and dope in, slam some $8 (the good kind) chicken fingers on the grill, set off a coupla fireworks and get DRUNK AS FUCK! DRUNK AS FUCK! DRUNK AS FUCK!!

Not that we need an excuse to get drunk as fuck but fuck it, it’s a special day! 💚 🎉 

TPB Halloween Costume Contest 2020

Trailer Park Boys Halloween Costume Contest 2020

The 2020 Trailer Park Boys Halloween Costume Contest is fuckin’ ON!!!

Halloween may have been totally FUCKED this year, but you can still dress up as your favourite Sunnyvale character and win some decent TPB swag. Plus you get a free subscriptions to SwearNet.com!

Click HERE to enter your photo, or tag it on Twitter or Instagram #TPBHalloween.

Contest closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 4. The lucky winners will be announced the following week (or when we’ve sobered the fuck up…)