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Get official Sunnyvale-approved Trailer Park Boys tees, hoodies, hockey jerseys, houndstooth shirts, stickers, rolling papers and more at the Merch Store!

New Trailer Park Boys Tees at the Store!

New Trailer Park Boys t-shirts!To celebrate the release of Trailer Park Boys Season 12, we’ve got three awesome new tees at the store! Show your love for Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, the Green Bastard, or the greatest fuckin’ trailer park in the world! 

We’ve also got all your favourite merch, including Ricky’s famous houndstooth shirt, Sunnyvale hockey jerseys and a range of DECENT smoking gear (don’t forget, 420 is just around the frigging corner!)

And look out for a new range of greasy new products, coming soon…

New Trailer Park Boys Merch!

Ricky and Julian visited the Canadian Gift expo in Toronto this week to launch a greasy new range of Trailer Park Boys goodies – here’s a sneak preview!


New Trailer Park Boys merch!

Will Santa/Jesus/God will be leaving some of these mawfks under your tree this Xmas?


Julian from Trailer Park Boys

Julian signs a Sunnyvale clock for a fan (shortly before stealing it)


Ricky, Julian and Drinko game

Time to get drunk as fuck!


Making lots of $crilla for a great cause!


The Boys also sold TPB t-shirts at the event, with all proceeds going to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. Decent work, fellas!


More merch news coming soon, so stay tuned!





Julian’s Sunnyvale hockey jersey now available at the TPB Store!

Julian Sunnyvale hockey jersey, now available at the Trailer Park Boys store

Look what just landed at the official Trailer Park Boys store! Julian asked the TPB merch dicks to make him a limited-edition Sunnyvale hockey jersey just like Bubbles and Ricky’s, but with his own lucky number – and now you can buy one for yourself! 

Now you can look dope as fuck playing hash hockey, or just relaxing Julian-style with a rum & coke. Grab one soon before they’re gone!