Trailer Park Boys: Jail

New for 2021! The 10-episode comedy series follows Ricky and Julian as they go back to jail, leaving poor Bubbles in Sunnyvale. Streaming at

Trailer Park Boys: New season of Jail Shorts!

You thought Trailer Park Boys: Jail was over did ya? Nope!! Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are still in jail and the shitshow continues! This week, a shitstorm’s a-brewin’ over one of Ricky’s most beloved foods – chicken fingers. When is a chicken finger not a chicken finger? When it’s a fuckin’ chicken nugget, that’s when!

Watch Episode One here, and tune into a new episode every Thursday!

Trailer Park Boys: Jail – Shoot For The Clouds

IT’S HERE! All 10 episodes of Trailer Park Boys: Jail Season 1 now streaming at SwearNet!! On the final nail-and-cock-biting episode: Bubbles is in danger – can Terry hold off the angry mob until Ricky and Julian figure out a plan? Bubbles is a dead man if he don’t give up the hash, man! And why the fuck is there a deer on the roof of Julian’s car?!

Season 1 may be over, but look out for more Sunnyvale Correctional Facility fuckery coming your way from next week!