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See the Trailer Park Boys LIVE on tour – are they coming to a town near you? Read more about it at SwearNet.com, home of the Trailer Park Boys. And this tour is FUCKED UP!!

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Julian is disgusted by a suggestion from Ricky and Bubbles

The Boys take some time to reflect on their DECENT tour on the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast.  They share some fucked up stories about bats and restaurants selling dongs, but the gist of their trip boils down to one thing: plenty of fuckin’ boozing.

Bubbles gets pretty fuckin’ fed up with all the chewing on the podcash, and Ricky and Julian ponder their options for the coming winter (with jail being a HUGE possibility).

They also look back on this day in history and discovery that Oprah Winfrey debuted on this day – leading to Ricky and Julian pointing out Bubbles’ love for the big O.

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