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Pack a bowl and join the Queen of Cannabis, Amy Anonymous, for smoking, baking, expert advice, and chat about all things cannabis – only at SwearNet.com!

New at SwearNet.com – Peace Out from Peace East!


It’s the final episode of Cannabis Season 1, but don’t get sad, get happy at Nova Scotia’s Peace East! Amy discovers dabbing in a yurt, secret stashes, and gets high without cannabis. She also reviews Tangerine Dream, chats to joint expert Craig Ex, and answers your cannabis questions!

We’re filming Season 2 soon, so if you have a cannabis question for Amy, post it right the fuck here!

Cannabis – Amy Does Vegas!

Our resident cannabis guru, Amy Anonymous, is in Vegas, baby! In Part Two of this two-part special, It’s Amy’s last day in Vegas and she wants to relax and have some fun at Cannabition, a Cannabis museum with some fear and loathing and the timeless art of seduction! Plus: Amy gets the chance to hang out, smoke and talk with one of her peers, someone who inspires her:  Dr. Dina – the real-life Nancy Botwin.


Catch the full episode at SwearNet.com

New at swearnet.com – The War is On!

Our resident cannabis activist/advocate, baker, Mother, and MMAR card holder is back with a super fucking informative episode of Cannabis at SwearNet.com! Amy starts with a great Q and A session and a sparkle ban is in effect. Dr. IRA makes an appearance and runs through vape vs combustion. We gettin’ scientific y’all then getting high in the shed in time for some more “
baked goods”! Don’t miss this one!