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Trailer Park Boys fans ask: What happened to baby Randy? We reveal where that cheeseburger gurgling lil’ mawfk ended up!

TPB fans ask: what in the fuck happened to baby Randy?

Ricky, Randy and Lucy - Trailer Park BoysThe question we’re asked the most by Trailer Park Boys fans: what in the FUCK happened to the baby that was bornt to Lucy and Randy (and Ricky)?

Randy sent him to live with his relatives, as he doesn’t want any bad influences coming from Ricky. Who in the fuck would raise a baby in Sunnyvale Trailer Park anyway?! We hear the little fella’s doing fine, but his first word was ‘cheeseburger’. FUCK!!!

Baby Randy from Trailer Park Boys

Poor sweaty, greasy little baby Randy – and you can’t feed a baby onion rings, for fuck’s sake!! From Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, now available on Netflix!

Do you have any questions about Trailer Park Boys you’d like answered? Post them in the comments section below – though we can’t promise we’ll remember the fucking answer. Way she goes.