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Bubbles is the smartest guy in Sunnyvale Trailer Park! He’s a dab-hand at repairing shopping carts, brewing beer, and making delicious maple honey oil. He also rolls with his kitties, and is hard as fuck. DECENT!

Bubbles’ fundraiser: Please help our Trailer Park friend Tom!

Wanna do something AWESOME? Bubbles just launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for one of our Trailer Park and SwearNet friends, Tom Termeer, who’s in desperate need of medical help for a terrible disease known as Cluster Headaches, dubbed the most painful disease in the world – with your help it can fuck right off!! Please help Bubbles and Tom by donating whatever you can – every cent helps!

And if that wasn’t enough, the King of the Kitties has rigged up his clickerty-clacker to film a personal message for you – click here to order your own Bubbles video message! Check out some of the messages Bubbles has filmed for fans and get yours before it’s too late! All scrilla raised from the videos will go directly to the fund, and beat this cocksucker of a disease. DEEEECENT!!!!